Medication Management

Do you struggle to keep track of which medicines to take throughout the day, and when to take them?

We offer Medico compliance packaging medicine management services, in which we use compliance packing to pack your medicines according to the directions of your doctor as well as FREE healthcare advice.

It is easy to use and can bring you more peace of mind as dose times can be personalised to suit your schedule. No more missed doses, no more trying to remember if you have taken your medicines at the right time and no more struggling with lots of bottles and popping tablets out of foil strips.

Simple to open, accurate, convenient, handy dispensing box, easy to use and tailored to you.

It is easy to see if you have forgotten to take your medicine and each sachet is sealed with dose times detailed on each one. They are especially easy to tear off and take away with you if you go away or are just out for the day so you can always be prepared and have the right medication on you no matter what your day or evening entails.

This may help you to better manage your medicines. Ask us about our medicine management service the next time you bring in a prescription, or prior to your next scheduled repeat.

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