Baby & Child Healthcare

Our pharmacists are primary health care professionals – this means that one of our pharmacists is often the first person you can go to for advice about your family’s health.

Our pharmacists can let you know what to do about your young family members' symptoms. Our pharmacists can suggest medication or other treatment, and sometimes we will send you to see other health professionals if we think that is what's best – for example, your GP, child and family health nurse, dentist or optometrist.

You and your child will also see a pharmacist if your child has been given a prescription for medicine by your GP or another health professional – for example, a medical specialist, an optometrist, a podiatrist, a dentist or a nurse practitioner. Our pharmacists check all prescriptions closely to make sure they’re safe and appropriate for your child to take and will offer advice on how best to give your child the prescription medicine.

Our trained pharmacists can give you and your child information about non-prescription medicines and treatments like paracetamol, antihistamines and vitamin supplements. We can also suggest treatments for common health problems like coughs, colds, cuts, lice, worms and so on.

Here at Patea, our pharmacists can also give you and your child tips on living a healthy lifestyle and managing health conditions like type-1 diabetes, type-2 diabetes or asthma.

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Patea Pharmacy

Welcome to Patea Pharmacy. We are located in the corner of Oxford street and Egmont street, Patea. We have been providing pharmacy services in Patea for a long time.